Edge of Empire: Lives, Culture, and Conquest in the East, 1750-1850


AUTHOR: Maya Jasanoff PUBLISHER: Vintage (2006), Edition: Reprint, 404 pages BINDING: Paperback DIMENSIONS: 8 x 5.2 x 0.94 inches LANGUAGE: English

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In this imaginative book, Maya Jasanoff uncovers the extraordinary stories of collectors who lived on the frontiers of the British Empire in India and Egypt, tracing their exploits to tell an intimate history of imperialism. Jasanoff delves beneath the grand narratives of power, exploitation, and resistance to look at the British Empire through the eyes of the people caught up in it. Written and researched on four continents, Edge of Empire enters a world where people lived, loved, mingled, and identified with one another in ways richer and more complex than previous accounts have led us to believe were possible. And as this book demonstrates, traces of that world remain tangible—and topical—today. An innovative, persuasive, and provocative work of history.