Longform: An Anthology Of Graphic Narratives- Volume 2


AUTHOR:  Sarbajit Sen, Debkumar Mitra, Sekhar Mukharjee & Pinaki De
PUBLISHER: Penguin Books
BINDING: Paperback

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An eclectic anthology of comics. From Noah Van Sciver, Tanitoc to Jerry Antony, Sudhanya Dasgupta and Monisha Naskar, Gayatri Menon, Debjyoti Saha, Alendev Vishnu, Anirban Ghosh, Solo and Ojo, Ekta Bharti and Pavan Rujurkar, among others, Longform 2022 presents stories that subvert conventional narratives.
Through stories about ordinary people, autobiographies, travel tales and more, this volume establishes comics as a permanent feature on a reader’s shelf.
The anthology takes us through around-the-corner dystopias, imaginary cities and kaleidoscopic dreamscapes.

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