Speechless (Author Signed)


AUTHOR : Roshan Abbas & Siddhart  Banerjee
PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury
BINDING: Paperback

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Ever been at a loss for words on an important occasion? Be it a business presentation or a television appearance, a proposal of love or a one-to-one with your direct reports, this book helps you discover your voice and hence leaves your audience-and not you-speechless!

A powerful D-I-Y book on effective public speaking, Speechless explores and explains the magic and logic which go into crafting an effective speech, presentation or talk. Authored by Roshan Abbas and Siddharth Banerjee, two of India’s most experienced communicators, the book rests on the duo’s belief that effective communication can be taught and shaped by deliberate practice. The authors have distilled 50 years of their experience in effective communication into a simple mantra that you can imbibe and follow, replete with examples, stories, tips and tricks, expert interviews and practice exercises.

Speechless brings-for the first time in India-in-depth interviews of the country’s foremost public speakers, thus serving as a guide to both amateurs and professionals who want to hone their power of public speaking.

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