Surviving on the Edge


AUTHOR : Shobna Sonpar & Neeru Kanwar
PUBLISHER: Yodapress & Sage Publishing
BINDING : Hardback

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Written by psychologists and others using a psychosocial lens, Surviving on the Edge looks at family, gender, disability and ethnicity in order to better understand prejudice and social violence. The book includes a range of essays—theoretical, narrative accounts and case studies—which question established assumptions as to how violence relates to categories of gender, family, disability and trauma. It also considers the impact of social violence and possible interventions to address trauma at both the individual and collective levels. The impact of prejudice and violence is on one hand painful and tragic. But on the other, there is abundant evidence of resistance and resilience. Several illuminating examples of work on the ground demonstrate the range of interventions possible. This book is a valuable addition to the fledgling corpus of work that uses a psychosocial perspective to examine social problems, the impact of these on mental health and the interventions possible.

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