AUTHOR : Shabanam  Minwala
PUBLISHER: A Duckbill House
BINDING : Paperback

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Jiya met Urmila in the most unusual circumstances. Their paths would never have crossed had it not been for Jiya’s school project. However, fate gets them together. But, can such a (supposedly) unlikely friendship survive? The first impressions that both Jiya and Urmila have about each other are not positive. Jiya feels that Urmila is loud and wears very bright clothes. Urmila feels that Jiya has no spunk and her dress is very dull. Would they get over these petty differences and work towards a common goal- that of the downfall of Mr. Jajoo?

The story is filled with subtle humour. Minwalla creates a world that shows an inherent understanding of the psyche of children. The climax is extremely funny and will be quite entertaining to younger readers.


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