Make the most of the library

Hello! Welcome, dear reader! We’re looking forward to getting to know you and find books that will engage you, surprise you and stay with you for years to come.

Honestly, we cannot wait for this pandemic to end so we can resume browsing the bookshelves together again! But, erring on the side of caution is how we are all dealing with reality these days, so we’re hoping we can help you experience some of that serendipitious browsing discovery of interesting reads, while you are in the safety of your own home.

You would have received the link to the online library catalogue. While we are still working behind the scenes to add more meta tags to the books, we hope we can help you find books that would have caught your attention if you had been inside Trilogy, browsing the shelves.


If you are looking for books for kids, we suggest you forget Messrs. Potter, Percy Jackson, Alex Rider, Fowl, Willie Wonka, and the young ladies at Malory Towers for a quick minute! Let’s browse the shelves for books by relatively unknown authors. Have you heard of Ms. Diana Wynne Jones, author of the most extraordinary books of magic, and if you haven’t fallen in love yet with Andrew Clements, do give his school stories a chance. I would gladly go back to school if I had Mr. Clements writing a story about me!

And, I am channeling my inner stern librarian here, try some books from the Indian bookshelves too, please! Let’s not always be guided by well-meaning, but not remotely representative, lists of great books for kids brought out by people who focus on international titles. We have books by Pratham, Karadi Tales, Tulika and Katha, homegrown indie publishers who have just been going from strength to strength and winning accolades for their books for young readers.

            Apart from Sudha Murty and Ruskin Bond, you will absolutely love taking home books by Subhadra Sen Gupta. We are still deeply shocked that she is no more, what an absolute irreplaceable gem of an author she is. She didn’t just bring Indian history to life, she kindled an interest in learning more, and that is the real power of a good author!

And hold on, before you grab books to check out! Step away from fantasy and conflict-related books for a second, let’s look at books about art, wildlife, dogs, science, cubist paintings, astronomy, and the world of maths too. Books aren’t just for tales of derring do, but fuel your imagination also by revealing to you the nuts and bolts of the world we live in. The more you read the more you know! As simple as that!

Special note for series-hunters:
If you are hooked to a certain author, series, or theme, please remember, be patient. This is how a library works, readers share books and parts of a series might be issued out, just when you want to read it, this is a community experience and while you wait, you could always discover a new series or a non-fiction book to keep you busy!


If you are busy through the day, with barely a free minute, and trying to resume your reading habit, we are proud of you! Totally worth the effort! Let’s take you around the library, and show you your options, and remember, you do not need to finish every book you borrow. Go easy on yourself.

Let’s do fiction first, let’s not look at just the thrillers and murders and romances, how about short stories and anthologies? Historical fiction? Books with social justice as the main theme, or food, or British aunts?

And how books about history, the Mongols or what really happened in France during the revolution? Books about secret societies? The evolution of feathers? How sleep works? What has been going on in the world of women scientists? How well do you know your gut? Maybe you’ve ‘done’ Japan, USA, and Paris, before the pandemic hit, but would you like to read more books about places, written by people who describe, philosophise, and reveal to you how deep a place can be?

Remember, go easy on yourself, and just let your curiosity take over. It’s the best thing you could do. Return the book, when you are done (within the 14 day reading period, of course).

Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back!

We are just a word away. Message us, email us. Phone calls are great too, but we prefer to text and reply to emails than walk around with the phone looking at the screen and not book spines.

Happy to suggest books!