Milk Teeth (Author Signed)

AUTHOR: Amrita Mahale
PUBLISHER: Context | Westland Publications
BINDING: Paperback


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Childhood allies Ira Kamat and Kartik Kini meet on the terrace of their building in Matunga, Mumbai. A meeting is in progress to decide the fate of the establishment and its residents. And the zeitgeist of the 1990s appears to have touched everyone and everything around them.

Ira is now a journalist on the civic beat, unearthing stories of corruption and indolence, and trying to push back memories of a lost love. Kartik works a corporate job with an MNC, and leads a secret, agonising, exhilarating second life. Between and around them throbs the living, beating heart of Mumbai, city of heaving inequities and limitless dreams.


Amrita Mahale

Amrita Mahale was born in Mumbai and grew up in five cities across India. She studied aerospace engineering at IIT Bombay and Stanford University. Amrita was part of the Sangam House writing residency in 2017-18 and her writing has appeared in Hindustan Times, Scroll, Himal Southasian and Brown Paper Bag. This is her first novel.


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