Our library section includes books on science, history, travel, wildlife, photography and of course, children’s books and literary fiction. Our library is updated weekly with new and landmark titles across genres. 

We keep our collection diverse and interesting and introduce members to genres they have been shying away from and encourage them to discover authors they have not read before.


Choose a plan (explained below) that works best for you. The plans are based on the number of books you can issue out at a time. There is no limit to how often you come and change your books. You can keep a book with you for a maximum of 14 days. You have to return the books within 14 days else a late fee of Rs. 10 per book per day is applicable. A book can be reissued for a week more, only if no other member has requested for it. 

The refundable security deposit is returned when you end the membership. The deposit is refunded after subtracting all dues. That is, pending renewals, accrued late fees and fines for damaged books, if any. The membership card has to be returned at the time of ending the membership.

Late fees are charged Rs. 10 per book, per day. These charges need to be paid before you issue out your next set of books. Please note, at the time of terminating your membership, if there are late fees that have not been paid, this will be deducted from the security deposit.

Very Basic, Basic and Individual plans

In these three plans, one single adult can sign-up and borrow books that are in the general section of the library, that is, not from the children’s section.


Couple and Family plans

In the Couples plan, two people can join the library –  two friends, siblings, husband-wife or parent and child. Collectively the two of them can borrow four books at a time. Keep them for up to two weeks, return as soon you are done reading and take more books.

With this plan you can choose from the general section and from the children’s sections. You can borrow books for adults and children. 

The family plan works the same way as the Couples’ plan but you can take 8 books at a time. 


Children Very Basic, Basic, and Advanced plans

In these three plans you can borrow books only for children. Siblings can share one plan. The plans indicate how many books you can take home at a time, that is, 2, 4 or 6 books. You can keep the books for a maximum of two weeks, return them as soon as you are done reading and take more books. The plans only indicate how many books you carry home at a time, they do not indicate any reading level. 

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