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Meet my friend, Saee. I’ve known her for about 20 years now (I know, I know, she looks extremely young and she’s just gotten wittier and better at everything she does). 

Which brings me to From My Oven, Foolproof Recipes and Tips for the Home Baker. This book began as part of a fund-raising project in April 2021. Saee had already written three books before this, Pangat, Crumbs and The Gore Family Cookbook. From My Oven went online as an ebook and Saee’s community of readers and fellow food lovers and cooks, raised more than Rs. 12 lakh in less than a month, for Snehalaya, an NGO in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra that provides support to women, children, and the LGBTQ community affected by HIV and AIDS, human trafficking, sexual violence and poverty.  The funds were used to kickstart a water project and a centre for psychological treatment and rehab for mental illnesses and de-addiction.  

More about this community… Saee is surrounded by love and support. She isn’t only a gifted cook, but also a very good writer. And a kind person. It shows in her writing and in the food  she makes. You can always count on her recipes to remind you of softer times, of happier more surrounded by family and friends times, and are a delight to serve and share.

She is the only person I know who kept her first blog running (made in the way back when) and regularly posted recipes for dinners and summers, while also sharing the memories she had about her grandparents and her childhood in the 80s and 90s. Her writing and her recipes are so evocative, they become part of your memories. Often I have used her blog posts to vicariously experience a childhood with grandparents and a naughty brother who made the best food choices for a hungry growing up girl. Saee is on Instagram where she now shares her news about her 11-year old  daughter’s deft taking over of the kitchen, what’s happening in her window garden, videos that will make you very hungry, and the many interesting collaborations that keep her busy through the year.

More about Saee’s books: Have you read Pangat, an extremely well-researched collection of recipes and essays about Maharashtra’s food traditions? Meticulously detailed and written in Saee’s easy graceful conversational style, Pangat has been our top recommendation for anyone looking to learn about Maharashtrian food and for anyone wanting to recreate some of the best nourishing meals we remember having when we were kids. And if you haven’t already, Crumbs is the best gift you could give someone who is nervously stepping into the world of baking and would love to know the different kinds of breads that have always been an integral part of our country’s baking traditions.



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