Hush a Bye Bye Work!

Ahalya took the day off. She will claim that she was at work all day and she will be factually right in doing so. But she was not working.
Now she will claim that reading is working (well for us it is) and again she will be factually right. But at Trilogy, Saturdays and Sundays are big days, that means no one can take a holiday on those days. So we come in at 11am and at 11:15am she comes to me and tells me, ‘I’m going behind to read, I cannot put the book down.’ I nod my head approvingly knowing she will be back in half an hour.
Next I see her at lunch. That is what a good book does to her, it makes her disappear (well of course I noticed the saree!) #HushAByeBaby by @dpanjana is unputdownable.

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