The long tradition of librarianship

Warm fuzzy feeling filling up the heart! A friend visiting the British Library got ‘Librarian’ pins for us. Overwhelmed. Thank you Jaydev Nansey for all your love.

Being a librarian, is more than just being a custodian of books. And may I say that the word ‘custodian’ gives me the most powerful feeling (not power power, like an evil scientist, but power the kind that allows you to vault skyscrapers, lift boulders and reach across dimensions to protect those in your care).

Coming back to what I was saying… being a librarian is more than being just a custodian of books, it is about being custodian of the reader as well, and of course the author too. 

While booksellers meet many new readers every day, librarians tend to get to know their reader family. In fact, getting a membership card of a library, is akin to starting a relationship. A two-way relationship, the best kind. The books wait for you, and you the reader, give them your time and attention. The library is the one place in the world where you could meet yourself in so many different guises. Perhaps that is why the library is one of the best places to find your true self, second only to a forest perhaps.

There’s something about the weight of collective wisdom in a library, compared to a bookshop, that makes me think that readers must be the bravest souls. To embark on a journey however brief or mind-altering, that’s evolution.

Evolution for one.


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