The Dog with Two Names

Author: Nandita da Cunha
Illustrator: David Yambem
Publisher: Talking Cub
ISBN: 9789354475825
Year Published: 2023
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 200
Size & Weight: 20 x 13 x 1.5 cm, 192 gm
Country: India



Three best friends from the gullies of Mumbai have a falling out. Then a deadly cloudburst threatens their neighbourhood. Will they be able to overcome their religious differences and unite in the face of danger?
When outsiders enter Moin’s neighbourhood and complain about the smell, he is disheartened. But then a beautiful new smell enters his world. What is it?
A girl dislikes the new ‘outsider’ school girl at her boarding school in Landour. Can music bring them together?
A young apple seller in Kashmir is astonished at the brash city ways of tourists at his orchard. Will he have the last laugh?
Each story in this collection celebrates differences and multiple perspectives. Our rainbow society comes to life in these pages—teeming with diversity—in which children stand up and make our world a kinder, richer place. Together, these stories of fellowship, filled with emotion and humour, hold out a beacon of hope and love.


Nandita da Cunha is an award-winning children’s author based in Mumbai. After her MBA at XLRI, Jamshedpur, she worked as a strategy consultant with Arthur Andersen and then KPMG, before moving on to what makes her happiest – writing!

​She has written picture books, short stories and chapter books, including ’The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street’, ‘Pedru and the Big Boom’, ‘’Who Clicked that Pic’. ‘My Trip to La La Land’, and ‘Just like Papa’. She has shared these stories in sessions at schools and litfests across the country.  Her books have been on the Parag Honour Lists (2021 and 2023), and won awards such as the Neev Book Award, and the FICCI Publishing Special Jury Award.

​She was among 14 playwrights selected to attend the fourth edition of the Writer’s Bloc playwriting program, conducted by the Royal Court theatre, London, in collaboration with Rage Theatre, Mumbai. A staged reading of her play ‘The Pacman Pill’ was held at Prithvi House, Mumbai.

She is also a pianist and is a Licentiate from the Trinity College of Music, London. When she’s not writing, she can be found making music on her piano, reading or gardening.

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